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Due to the concern for the finances of our current and future clients, we would like to offer professional and comprehensive investment advice .

Thanks to a team of specialists and their advanced knowledge in legal, financial, tax matters and all kinds of procedures in force in Spain and the Canary Islands, we offer a wide range of advisory services, whose form and scope are individually tailored to the needs. of the client and the type of project.


Many years of observation of actions and investment decisions taken improperly by people who wanted to invest and do business in Spain and the disastrous effects of these decisions allowed us to create a range of services that allow investment activities of our clients with total safety and efficiency. . .

Ignorance of the Spanish market, regulations and administrative procedures in Spain and the risk of entrusting your interests to unproven and dishonest agents can lead to many legal problems, and even to the loss of financial assets entrusted.

Our consulting and activities are designed to provide clients with safe and efficient transactions, comprehensive investment care and comprehensive legal services.

The activities of our team are not only safe, but also save time and money, thanks to customized solutions that we develop individually for each client.


Our team consists of experienced and competent specialists who provide their professional support at every stage of the clients' investment.

Thanks to the extensive and up-to-date knowledge, experience and constant practice of the team members, we can guarantee the security of your investment and professional activity in Spain. We are responsible for all results with our image.

We assume full responsibility for the tasks entrusted to us and guarantee comprehensive care, advice and security of your interests.

We present our experts:

Alan Narkiewicz

Alan Narkiewicz-Jodko

KAM - Key Account Manager

A graduate of the University of Szczecin, CIS - with knowledge of the Banking Law, including specialization in credit matters. Translator from Spanish to Polish, acquisition of sales products on the secondary and primary market - organization of the work of the entire team.

Attorney Ismaele Umberto de Nuzzo

Criminal Law Lawyer

A graduate of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo - Italy 2003. Graduate of the 2nd faculty of the University of La Laguna Tenerife 2010 - Patron with vast experience in the field of criminal law, watches over the correctness of all transactions made by ACTIVCANARIASPROPERTIES.COM - Responsible for conducting the financial embezzlement in the criminal case "CASO INTERVENIO SL"

Attorney Iryna Zhay

Tax and Economic Law

Law graduate in 2010 at the University of Barcelona (UB). Knowledge of foreign languages: Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, English - Scope of activities: correctness of notarial deeds when concluding contracts, transfer of title deeds to new buyers - investors, with all caution as to tax and fiscal regulations

Anna Narkiewicz Jodko

Administration Manager - Administrative Director

Management, Main Accounting, Low Tax Zone Expert ZEC. Knowledge of the provisions in the field of obtaining permits for companies and business entities - knowledge of the laws and activities of official mechanisms

Alberto Gonzales Reveron

CFO - Chief Financial Manager

Financial director - expert in professional and administrative law, advisor on EU subsidies - Ex - Mayor of the Arona City and Commune Office

James Ball

CFO - Chief Financial Manager

A graduate of the University of Accounting and Finance. Master in tax law and accounting - James ensures the correctness of settlements on the business activities of our clients, settles companies and prepares annual tax returns for companies and individuals, refunds of overpaid taxes -

MSc. Nicoleta Cechovicova

for marketing and sales

Since 2013, I have been dealing with financial analysis of clients related to investing in real estate. A visionary on the real estate investment market. It provides a full range of services for clients on the Slovak, Czech and Polish markets.



Our team of experts fought with the greatest commitment for the lost assets of clients previously run by unofficial real estate brokers. The economic entity that, while conducting the sale, introduced the product to the real estate market, unfortunately dealt with professional frauds as well as large-scale financial embezzlement. In some cases, it is too late to prevent a tragedy from happening. In others, we made it on time and prevented attempts to cheat!

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