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About us

Why us?

We have been operating for you continuously for over 25 years, gaining the trust of customers from all over the world. The experience gained, continuous development, observation, systematic analysis of the economy and market in Spain allowed us to offer you professional services in a wide range of consultancy and support in undertaking administrative, professional, investment activities and many other projects in the Canary Islands and Spain Archipelago.

We create a team of professionals from many fields, based on many years of experience and knowledge, which allows for comprehensive customer service and support at every stage of their decisions. Our priority is to ensure the safety of your activities and investments, and to carry out all the necessary procedures related to the planned project in an efficient and trouble-free manner.

Our story

The concept of creating the first business was born after 12 years of work in the largest tourism concern in the world.

The first of our companies is the INTERNACIONAL FULL ACTIV CANARIAS SL, which exists to this day. initially also known as IF ACTIV TENERIFE SL.

Registered for the first time in 2011, the dynamically operating IF-ACTIV TENERIFE Travel Agency allowed to create a completely new, separate department focused on the organization:

  • group trips
  • conference
  • events
  • training
  • special events
  • Teambuilding trips

We have quickly become a leader in servicing companies and business events in the Canary Islands and Spain, as evidenced by several dozen jointly organized and organized with our trade partners Event events in Spain, about which you can find out more on the website www.wyspymotywacji. pl.

Over the years of operation, we have gained the trust of many customers from every part of the world. Their satisfaction with the services we offer, as well as the multitude of inquiries and the need for professional advice in the field of trade, purchase and sale of real estate in the Canary Islands and Spain, confirmed us in the decision to expand our business and create another company: ACTIVCANARIASPROPERTIES.COM.

Alan Narkiewicz Jodko


My adventure with the Canary Islands began in 1999. The goal of my first trip in this direction was a long-awaited holiday in the Canaries.

From the first day, Tenerife captivated me with its charm, friendly climate and cordiality of people living here, which is why, immediately after graduating from the Master's degree at the University of Szczecin in 2004, I decided to change my life center for a while and move to this climate favorable to happiness.

After many years of hard work in the tourism sector, many years of experience, improving my competences and creating a wide database of contacts, the course of events made me decide to stay on the islands for longer.

I have been living here for over 22 years now. The activities of all companies over which I personally supervise are based on my own life and professional experience as well as interests.

If any of you are at the stage of considering buying an investment or private property in Spain, today, based on my own experience with full awareness and responsibility, I can say that it is a reasonable and beneficial life decision, because this place is extremely friendly and popular regions in Europe.

The wonderful mentality of the local community, one of the healthiest climates in the world, security, cultural and gastronomic richness are just some of the many advantages Spain offers, allowing you to live a stress-free life in beautiful natural circumstances.

Working with our company, I personally guarantee you complete investment security, transparency of activities, responsible, reliable and thoughtful business consulting, comprehensive services in a wide range.

Honesty is a trait that I value above all else and the priority of my business activities. I believe that this is the only effective way to mutual success, which translates into the satisfaction of our clients.

I cordially greet you and invite you to cooperation,

Alan Narkiewicz Jodko

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